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Common Pet Owner Problems

Behavioral problems like excessive pulling on the leash and jumping are quite common among the multitude of pet owners around the world. How can you enjoy walks with your pet when its pulling so hard that you have to shift your weight back and hold onto the leash with two hands? Or have guests over knowing that your pet likes to jump on people? Many products exist on the market to try and address these common problems. These products fall short to various degrees...some products invoke pain or discomfort and are ineffective, some are awkward and difficult to apply, and some are easily escaped. The majority simply do not do what's advertised, leaving the pet owner with no real solution. These are the reasons why Petnovate came into existence...to re-invent existing products on the market to bring you the pet owner a completely satisfying experience.img-about.jpg

How It Started

As Petnovate's founder, I started my endeavors to come up with better solutions to common pet problems back in 2000. Having two large terriers (Eli and Tai), walking the dogs was always a chore. The dogs were always extremely anxious to get outside, and when they heard the sound of the clanging of the leash, their 60-70lb frames were instantly launched into motion. I tried almost every product on the market to help control or stop the pulling. The prong collar didn't work...my dogs were simply so hyper and excited that they ignored the pain and continued to pull. I tried a harness design that squeezed underneath the armpits, but that didn't work either...again my dogs were simply insensitive to pain. The last type of product that I tried was the front connection harness. This type helped a little at first, but I noticed that my dog's pulling strength was so great that the harness itself began to shift while we were walking. Eventually the front connection was more like a side connection and my dogs continued charging.

There has to be a better way... I decided to put to use my educational background in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA to develop some concepts to help solve my immediate need. Several iterations and prototypes later, Pull Stop™ was born. The design uses your pet's own pulling force to act against it's front legs. The idea is that when your pet pulls to a point that it's walking faster than you, the force that you begin to feel at the leash starts to pull back against your pet's front legs, which slows your pet down and thus reduces the pulling altogether. I didn't stop there...I decided that I could also incorporate the function of another common problem (jumping) into the same design concept as Pull Stop™. The result was Jump Stop™, which works with the same body harness as Pull Stop™. In essence you have the ability with the same harness design to toggle, by swapping out one attachment for another, between a no pull and a no jump pet harness.

Petnovate is committed and will continue to commit to bringing you the most innovative, effective solutions to today's common problems. Join our mailing list to get the latest news about the next new product as well as tips and discounts on our existing portfolio of products.