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Welcome to Petnovate!


Welcome to Petnovate where we are committed to bringing you the most innovative pet products to address today's common pet problems. If you have dog behavior such as your dog pulling while on walks, dog jumping on guests or out of the yard, or excessive dog running that can cause injury or re-injury. Petnovate has a line-up of dog harnesses that are intended for those pet owners that have tried dog obedience classes without success or simply don't have the time for dog training.

     Our premier pet products include a no pull dog harness (Pull Stop™) and a no jump dog harness (Jump Stop™) for dogs large and small. Pull Stop™ is intended to make dog walking pleasant by using your dog's own pulling force against its front legs to reduce pulling. Jump Stop™ uses the same harness design as Pull Stop™ and addresses the problems of excessive jumping and running by connecting your pet's front legs to its hind legs to limit movement. Petnovate is committed to bringing you the most innovative, effective solutions to today's common problems

We also carry many dog collars, dog leashes, and accessories for your dog's needs.  Our line-up of pet products continues to expand, and we'll feature products as they come in, so stop back by for more information and great deals!