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Pull Stop ™

Gain control of your high energy pet and make walks pleasant again.

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Jump Stop ™

Have peace of mind knowing that your pet's jumping is under control.

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Pull Stop ™ + Jump Stop ™

Have confidence, and control even the strongest of pullers.

Welcome to Petnovate!

Petnovate is committed to bringing you the most innovative pet products to address today's common pet problems. Some common problems with dog behavior include dogs pulling while on walks, dogs jumping on guests or out of the yard, or excessive running that can cause injury or re-injury. Petnovate has a no pull dog harness and a no jump dog harness that are intended for those pet owners that have tried dog obedience classes without success or simply don't have the time for dog training.

Video - Products in Action

Click below to watch a video of Pull Stop ™ and Jump Stop ™ in action.

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